"I'm here to capture your moments"

Namish, a tenth grader, studies in The Doon School, Dehadun, shines not only in academics but also behind the lens. With a knack for capturing moments, his photography reflects a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. Despite excelling in studies, Namish finds solace and creativity through the camera, showcasing a depth beyond textbooks. He also has participated in world renouned photgraphy contests. His photographs speak volumes, capturing the essence of moments with finesse. Balancing studies and photography, Namish embodies a well-rounded approach to life, showcasing dedication and talent in both realms. As he navigate through high school, Namish's passion for photography promises a future filled with creativity and artistic flair. Moreover, he has a great passion towards finance and for community service.

Namish’s journey…

Namish’s academic journey has been marked by consistent excellence, including scoring the highest in Economics HL, English Literature and Language SL, and Hindi B SL in the 11th Grade. Namish’s intellectual capabilities extend beyond standard assessments, evident in their achievement of distinctions in prestigious contests like the Fermat and Pascal Math Contest by Waterloo University and securing the third position in the National Economics Olympiad by Hansraj College (Delhi University).

However, Namish’s contributions aren’t confined to academic realms alone. As the Co-Founder and Director of Project Pustak, his leadership takes center stage. Through this initiative, Namish facilitated the redistribution of over 17,000 surplus books to more than 30,000 students facing deficits, demonstrating a commitment to equitable education. With a vision for international and sustainable impact, Namish strategically led a team of 75 ambassadors across 49 cities, fostering partnerships with prominent entities like SpiceJet, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, and Yashvi Trades and Services.

Namish, a student at The Doon School’s Class of 2023, is a multifaceted individual with a passion for photography, editing, and shooting. His lens captures the essence of moments, weaving stories through his visual artistry. Beyond his creative pursuits, Namish is deeply committed to social causes, actively contributing to initiatives as a part of Mauqa and Raphel, showcasing his dedication to making a positive impact in the community. Whether behind the camera lens or engaged in social work, Namish exhibits a blend of artistic talent and a compassionate heart, channeling his skills towards meaningful endeavors. His involvement in both creative realms and philanthropic efforts highlights his versatility and commitment to using his talents for the greater good.

Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Namish’s innovative spirit shone through. They spearheaded the establishment of an extensive E-Library, transcending geographical barriers to create global outreach. Moreover, Namish utilised multimedia platforms, launching a Podcast and Blog focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their efforts in interviewing experts and NGOs, coupled with insightful articles, significantly contributed to raising awareness about these vital goals.

Namish’s impactful endeavors have garnered widespread recognition, featured in esteemed publications like The Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, and Gwalior Plus. Their contributions also led to a radio interview and accolades such as the 2020 Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards, where they secured the Bronze Medal in the Individual Category and received the Sustainability Award in the Social Goals Competition.

Not content with traditional modes of impact, Namish’s vision extends to innovative sustainability initiatives like PlanetBag plant pots via planetbag.org. These efforts showcase their dedication to holistic and impactful endeavors aimed at sustainable change.

As the founder of The Ccraft Tree in 2023, Namish assumes a pivotal role, overseeing both the financial and production aspects of the company. His responsibilities extend to meticulously managing the financial infrastructure, ensuring stability and growth, while also steering the production processes to align with the company’s vision and objectives. Namish’s leadership spans across these critical domains, demonstrating his proficiency in both financial management and operational efficiency. His role signifies not only entrepreneurial vision but also a hands-on approach, guiding the company’s financial strategies and production methodologies. With Namish at the helm, The Ccraft Tree benefits from a leader who possesses a holistic understanding of business, adeptly managing the financial intricacies while maintaining a keen focus on optimising production standards for sustained success.

In essence, Namish embodies the fusion of academic brilliance, visionary leadership, and a relentless drive to effect positive change in education, sustainability, and community development on both local and international stages.