"Capturing the elusive wink of a leopard."
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  • Capturing the elusive wink of a leopard.
  • Graceful gazelle, poised and watchful.
  • Leopard at rest, blending with shadows, embodying tranquility.
  • Peacock displaying its vibrant plumage, a living work of art.
  • Elegance personified: a lady figurine in timeless grace.
  • Oriental darters locked in a graceful battle, wings poised like dancers.
  • Mother and son hippos sharing a meal, a bond of nourishment and love.

About Us

Namish Photography

Namish, a tenth grader, studies in The Doon School, Dehadun, shines not only in academics but also behind the lens. With a knack for capturing moments, his photography reflects a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. Despite excelling in studies, Namish finds solace and creativity through the camera, showcasing a depth beyond textbooks. He also has participated in world renouned photgraphy contests. He is also currenty part of The Ccraft tree company which promotes artisans and women empowerment, he assists the company in the finance department and the product photoshoot. His photographs speak volumes, capturing the essence of moments with finesse. Balancing studies and photography, Namish embodies a well-rounded approach to life, showcasing dedication and talent in both realms. As he navigate through high school, Namish’s passion for photography promises a future filled with creativity and artistic flair. Moreover, he has a great passion towards finance and for community service.

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Doon School
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So far I am GLUED to the material

So far I am GLUED to the material. Excellent…I have read the Blogs, and other material, but this is so much easier to understand…thanks for your effort and time taken to develop this Website.

can’t put into words

I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the information that you have given me on this website. This is the best experience I have had on my photography journey! Thank you once again!!!



Love Namish’s Photography

Love Namish’s Photography. He’s awesome and an amazing person – just what you need to capture those moments of your life that you want to keep forever!

–   Komal C.